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Experienced physicians 
serving the New Canaan 
community for 60 years

New Canaan Medical is a unique collection of physicians that have  been providing medical care to the New Canaan community for 60 years.  Located in a historic building, the group offers internal medical care to  patients of all ages in the community. All physicians are board certified  and maintain privileges at either Norwalk or Stamford Hospitals.


Our priority is to provide top-notch care for members of our own  community. Our practice consists of five experienced physicians, each with their own network of patients. We take a personal and empathetic approach to healthcare, putting the wellness of our patients first. 

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Dr. Peter Hasapis, MD

New Canaan Medical Group (High-Fi Website Wireframes)-23.png

Dr. Seth Sullivan, MD

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Dr. Shiela Subramanian, MD

New Canaan Medical Group (High-Fi Website Wireframes)-22.png

Dr. Julia Voytovich, MD


Dr. Richard Westfal, MD


Dr. Jamie Ruszkowski, MD

Our Doctors

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