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Patient Experience

Relaxed and Unhurried Appointments

All appointments are scheduled with generous time allotments in order to accommodate all of your questions, review your records, and provide an ongoing comprehensive assessment of your personal health. This includes a 90-minute allotment for an annual physical exam and at least 30-minute blocks for other scheduled appointments. Should you require more or less time, this will be arranged at your request. 


Off-hours Visits

Should any requests of your care or your personal life require that you be seen on a weekend or during non-traditional office hours, we will arrange for you to be seen at a time that fits in your schedule. 


Same Day or Next Day Appointments

Patients will be seen either the same day or on the following business day depending on the circumstances. Appointments will be seen promptly.


24/7 Access To Your Physician 

Our physicians are accessible 24/7 to answer any questions, problems, or emergencies. You can contact our practice line during office hours or if you need to contact your physician outside of office hours, you will be able to call or text their cell phone or send an email for non-urgent questions. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, your health is our priority. 


​Specialist Care

Our physicians make it their personal mission to be our patients’ advocates at all times. We will help you choose from amongst the finest specialists for you to see, whether that be in Fairfield County or at an academic medical center. We will also call these specialists directly to explain the purpose of your visit, arrange for all pertinent records to be sent ahead of time, and even assist you in making an appointment should you wish. 


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